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Campaña "El Pan en la Talega"

Environmental awareness campaign, promoted by the South Ventolera Federation and the City Council of Santa Lucía de Tirajana, in favor of the recovery of the traditional bag to buy bread and thus reduce the consumption of plastic bags.

All this under the motto 'If you want to take care of the world, you have to take the bread in the bag'.

Cotton bags were distributed among the neighbors. These bags are easy to store, you can keep them in a bag, backpack or even in your pocket and reuse them for shopping.

According to studies, we use five billion plastic bags a year, of which half have a single use, which means that ten percent of all the waste generated is plastic, which takes up to 400 years to degrade.

Every second 200 tons of plastic are dumped on the seabed. If this continues, by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the sea.

Banner "Tu Perro, tu Responsabilidad"

Where the Associations were in charge of distributing cleaning kits to raise awareness among neighbors, prevent excrement deposited in the street, improve coexistence and guarantee cleanliness throughout the municipality.

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