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South Ventolera Federation

The fight and participation for a transformation of our world is increasingly necessary, with a society, in economic crisis, where most of the fundamental rights are violated and where the human being does not have what is necessary for a decent life, work, housing , health, education and social services, is where organized life makes sense through the different associations in order to develop a more structured society.

Our commitment as federates works along the lines of multiculturalism, since our Identity has been forged from many identities throughout our history, protecting our Canarian traditions so that they last over time, the struggle of feminism to eradicate violence and achieve an egalitarian society and the awareness of the youngest to protect our environment.

It is for all these reasons that the Ventolera Federation continues to be necessary and intends to provide a bridge between the associations and the institutions that constitute today's society.

The headquarters of the Federation is located in Vecindario, more specifically in C/Colón, s/n, module 1, local 7. Colectivos el Zaguan.

You can contact the federation by email: federacionventolera@gmail.com

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