AV Masía Catalana

AV Masía Catalana

The Masía Catalana Neighborhood Association is located on Calle Castrillo nº1 in the Doctoral limits of the TM of Santa Lucía. Anchored in a strategic place since its construction on January 16, 1989, a few meters from the current municipal offices, near the Avenida de Canarias, surrounded by a very varied commercial life, the Masía Catalana park with the library of the same name and the Igbal Masih walk and monument.

  • The Masía Catalana Neighborhood Association seeks:

  • Collaborate and actively participate with those official organizations that try to raise the level and quality of life of their partners and neighbors.
  • Promote social development, the standard of living of its partners and neighbors.
  • Participate actively to raise the level and quality of life of their partners and neighbors.
  • Create channels of participation and encourage the participation of young people in the formation of values such as respect, collaboration and acceptance.
  • Promote the care of the traditions and cultural signs that are typical of
    our land.

The Masía Catalana Neighborhood Association tries to:

  • Taking care of something that we sometimes lose sight of, which is how fragile and vulnerable we are.
  • It is planned with the aim of continuing to promote social participation in our neighborhood, through different activities designed and planned annually.
  • We work as always the training and dissemination of our history through talks, workshops, excursions, culture and traditions.
  • With our young and old, leisure and entertainment, the promotion of values, solidarity and multiculturalism, collaboration and coordination with the rest of the associative movement of the municipality of Santa Lucía.

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AV Masía Catalana

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