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Born as the "Pozo Izquierdo Beach Vacationers Community" with Provincial registration number 127, on February 3, 1971, it was established as a Neighborhood Association on July 12, 1985 with provincial registration number 1338, taking the name Neighborhood Association "Good Farmer".

On March 7, 2002, the merger of the Neighborhood Associations "Buen Agricultor" and the recently created "Pozo Izquierdo" was unanimously approved, adopting the oldest registration number: 127.

The Pozo Izquierdo Association is located on Calle Chopa no. 18, Pozo Izquierdo, Santa Lucía, CP 35110, founded on June 23, 1970, and registered in the Municipal Registry of Associations with number 29.


Our job is training through talks and workshops, working with our children and adults, leisure and entertainment, promoting values, celebrating the date of the festivities, collaboration and coordination with the rest of the movement. association of the municipality, and with the City Council of Santa Lucía itself, the respect and dissemination of our history, our culture and traditions, as well as the celebration of dates indicated in the calendar of the coastal neighborhood of Pozo Izquierdo: the Fiestas del Carmen in the month of July and among others.

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