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I tell you that in the years 2001 to 2005 we decided on some residents of the area Mr. Rafael del Carmen, Mr. Ramón Alemán, Ms. Ana Gutiérrez, Mr. Ángel Pérez, Mr. Pablo Suarez Ortega (+) and Mr. Pedro Martin Jorge (+) create a neighborhood association in order to try to give voice to the Paredilla area and find a place for neighborhood meetings.

At that time there was no place in the area that they gave us for free, to meet, until we took the parking space of Ángel Pérez to hold the meetings with the permission of the other community owners and when that space became small we began to meet in Rafael del Carmen's garage, until later we rented the warehouse of a neighbor on Tahiche street, paying him rent.

The streets were hardly paved, without electricity, etc… Many houses and buildings were also being built, so, seeing the number of inhabitants we were going to have, we decided to create the NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION.

This caused us many headaches, as they say, because we did not have any subsidy and in order to establish the association we had to seek the support of the neighbors, who were more than 200 signatures, to vote in favor of creating it, which in the end was legalized. on April 28, 2005

Later, we also had to deal with politics because there were other associations created close to this area, so they told us that it was not necessary to create more.

It was during the time of Don Silverio Matos that we met with him several times to tell him about our wishes and insistence.

In the end, and with the help of councillors, municipal technicians from the town hall and Mayor Mr. Silverio Matos himself, as he was urbanizing the area, the multi-purpose building that we now have legalized was built; “LA PAREDILLA BEÑESMEN NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION.” in Mozart street number 4 (Parque Paredilla, upper area of Doctoral).

Today we have more than 350 registered members and we enjoy many activities for children, young people and adults with the great satisfaction of the neighbors to be participating in these activities.

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AV Paredilla - Beñesmen

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