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AV Orilla Baja

Our neighborhood association began its journey in 1981 as a result of the precariousness that existed in our streets, of land, those that were being manufactured, but we had great difficulties for essential services such as water, electricity, sewage, asphalt and meeting places. .

Thanks to the good relations between the neighbors, we began to unite and that was the case when on August 28, 1981 we associated and registered, thus being the first neighborhood association in SARDINA.

All of us who began this journey not only made a common front so that all essential services could reach our town, but we were also able to bring to the town a meeting place in which men and women sought to develop educational and cultural activities. .

From there came the big parties outside our association, something now unfeasible since at present everything is already manufactured and we could not close the street that was when this became our square for festivals and activities.

Currently we continue to promote relations between the old neighborhood and the new neighborhood that is coming to town.

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AV Orilla Baja

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AV Low Shore

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