AV La Vereda

AV La Vereda

The Vereda El Canario Neighborhood Association is located in the Barrio El Canario area. With an age of more than 40 years. The current board of directors is made up of a good number of people, including young people with a lot of concerns who make an effort to move the neighbors with the organization of a wide variety of events.

It is constituted as a non-profit neighborhood association and whose main purposes since its inception have been:

  • Carry out different activities and workshops for members and residents of the area.
  • Collaborate and participate with the Official Organizations that try to raise the level and quality of life with the workshops carried out.

Our objective is to have an Association for neighbors where their knowledge is learned or stimulated with participatory sessions, they are entertained and they can interact with other people in the environment and at the same time be able to acquire other cognitive skills. One of our priorities is to try to get the participants to interact and live together in a peaceful and neighborly way.

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AV La Vereda

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AV La Vereda

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